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At AdSmiths, we offer an outstanding web and mobile app development service for business and organisations of all sizes. Mobile and web apps have grown exponentially over the last few years, and depending on the type of your business or organisation, ignoring these important developments could mean you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage.   Our experience in this area allows us to develop effective apps that deliver on your expectations. We take time to ensure we understand both your needs and the needs of your market. This ensures the solutions we offer are meeting these needs from the get-go.
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Easy to use & intuitive

All of our apps are built with extensive user experience (UX) testing to ensure users are able to use your app with ease. Many of our app projects are completed alongside a website project, meaning your app will seamlessly integrate into your website.

We work tirelessly to ensure your app integrates both with your website and your wider branding efforts. Also, from the very start, our initial planning process ensures your app meets the needs of your target market. For instance, an app for children will look and function very different to an app that’s designed for people over the age of 65.

Once your app is live, we are on hand to help continuously improve your app to reflect changing needs.  Our apps are built of both Android and iOS devices using a single codebase.  This means updates are simplified and you won’t need to worry about creating two separate app builds.

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Giving your app maximum coverage across all platforms

Our expert app developers will ensure your app is downloadable on all major platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.

iOS (Apple)

iOS (Apple) owns about 30% of the market for mobile devices. iOS users must download apps from the Apple App Store. Because of Apple’s mammoth share of the UK mobile market, your app will be inaccessible to a large number of users if you do not invest in an iOS compatible app.

Android (Google)

Google’s Android now commands a dominant share of the UK mobile market, meaning you absolutely cannot avoid developing your app that’s compatible on Android devices. Since Android is open source, it powers a diverse range of mobile devices.

Windows Phones (Microsoft)

Windows Phones command a much smaller share of the UK mobile market, but this could change because Microsoft has invested heavily in this area. Microsoft is leveraging its might in gaining a foothold into the UK market. Because most people utilise Windows products in other areas, it’s increasingly convenient to opt for a Windows Phone. Also, Microsoft is heavily discounting hardware prices.

Enterprise-grade web & mobile app development with intuitive design

A proven approach to app testing

Thanks to rigorous testing, bugs and design faults are corrected before your app is made available for downloading.  Correcting bugs is an essential element of the modern app development process.  Unfortunately, many an otherwise great app has fallen on this important hurdle.  We offer an agile mythology with rigorous quality assurances.

A focus on quality and reliability thanks to our Enterprise-grade approach

Our apps employ cutting-edge technologies to ensure quality, robustness and scalability. Our apps are the perfect choice for businesses and organisations looking for an Enterprise-grade solution.

User-centric apps that are intuitive and stunning

Utilising modern UX and design technologies to ensure your app is user-friendly is key to our entire process. Our apps are user-centric. To ensure this is the case, we shall viciously research your users to ensure your app is suitable. As well as being intuitive, we will also ensure your apps are beautifully designed.


Mobile App Consultancy.

We offer valuable consultation to help you better understand your options when it comes to app development. You will discover how you can best meet your target audience's needs at the lowest cost to you.

Mobile App Development.

Our developers can build both Android and iOS apps that are agile and system-agnostic. Our expertise ensures your app is brought to market quickly and effectively.

Mobile App UX/UI.

We ensure our apps are developed with usability and aesthetics in mind. Our apps are utterly intuitive for your users yet highly functional. This high level of excellent usability helps to improve audience engagement and a near-perfect user experience.

Free App Development Report and Quote

Simply get in touch with us today and we shall conduct a free app development report. If you are close to our office, why not come in and we can discuss in person? If this is not possible, we will send over our standard app development assessment sheet. Once we have completed this sheet together, we will be able to offer an estimate in terms of cost.

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