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If you wish to build your e-commerce brand outside of the Amazon/eBay ecosystem, then Google Shopping really isn't something you can ignore. Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads help you build up your brand rather than Amazon or eBay's brand. Google Shopping helps you sell products to the same buyers on a regular basis. You need to be able to deliver on excellent customer service but you need customers in the first place in order to allow you to shine. Google Shopping allows you this opportunity. Using Google Shopping, you can compete with big brands at a fraction of the price you would pay for other advertising mediums.

<p?AdSmiths helps you improve your Google Shopping setup in a variety of ways. We help you optimise bids, improve your account structure and improve your landing pages' conversion rate optimisation.

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Optimise Bids.

  • Separate high performers into their own campaigns
  • Make good use of custom labels for feed optimization
  • Make use of the product type attribute so we can bid on the fastest movers

Remove Wastage.

  • Ensuring you aren’t bidding on out-of-stock inventory
  • Adding negative keywords on a regular basis
  • Increasing bids according to automated rules

More Conversions.

  • Regular a/b split testing using Optimizely
  • Multi-variant testing using Optimizely
  • Proper analysis of data to find opportunities

Claim Your FREE Google Shopping Audit

It’s likely that many people reading this will already have Google Shopping setup. If you are considering investing in external advisors like ourselves, then it’s equally possible that you are not happy with the results you have gotten so far.

To ensure our services are a good fit for your needs, we offer you a free Google Shopping audit. We will require access to your Google advertising and Merchant account to conduct the audit.

We will also audit your website to ensure there are no potential issues that could be preventing or discouraging people to make a purchase. We will look at your Google advertising account and product feed and recommend suggested improvements where possible.

Free Google Shopping Audit

Google Shopping is a must for e-commerce stores. If you are currently experimenting with Google Shopping, it’s likely you are running into common problems that are easily fixed with the right expertise. We help you decrease costs and improved targeting. This helps you increase revenue and improve your overall return. If you are having difficulties with your Google Shopping set up and you are struggling to make a decent return, contact us today for a free Google Shopping audit.


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