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At AdSmiths, we believe our PPC methods will help boost your online business to its true potential. For us PPC is predominantly about sound account structure, testing landing pages and making good use of time-tested advertising psychology. Our PPC team are on hand to help your business in meeting your ROI goals via profitable campaigns. We make use of data-driven insights in order to craft PPC campaigns that see an excellent return on ad spend.

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Diversify Your Paid Search Efforts Across a Range of Platforms

When it comes to PPC, you just don’t know what channels will give you the best ROI until you try them all out. At AdSmiths, we can help your business conduct these necessary experiments on the following advertising channels:

Google Search text ads

Target people who are actually looking for your services via text ads.

Google Shopping ads

Sell products via when users type in the name of specific products.

Display ads

Display your banner ads on websites that are related to your products and services.

Mobile ads

Make use of ads that are specifically made for mobile web browsing.

Remarketing ads

Show your ads to people who have browsed specific pages of your website but who have not yet converted.

A Trusted Google Partner in Cheshire

AdSmiths is a Google Partner. Our team have passed all the official Google exams, but more importantly, we’ve spent millions of pounds in testing our ideas out in the real world of paid-for online advertising. The lessons we’ve learnt by building and running online advertising campaigns over the last 10 years is where our real value in this area rests. We help you realise your ROI goals in shopping, search, mobile, display and remarketing.

FREE PPC Audit – AdWords & Bing

We have managed paid-search campaigns for well over 10 years and spent millions of pounds in the process. This experience allows us to create high converting advertising campaigns with minimal testing.

Our free PPC audit allows us to convince you of the value of using our services. The audit will provide you with detailed account feedback. This audit is valuable in and of itself. You will be free to use this information even if you do not decide to use our services. If you do decide to engage our services, we are confident you will benefit from more conversions at a lower cost.

Our experience tells us that almost all advertisers are making mistakes when it comes to their PPC setup. Only when you can stop making these mistakes is it time for you to become a true market leader.  Many of these mistakes will relate to your advertising account setup and the quality of landing page you are pushing out to prospective buyers.

How our audit will help

  • Point out areas of wastage and thus help you reduce costs.
  • Improve ad click-through rates (CTR) to reduce costs & increase conversions.
  • Ensure you are not wasting money by targeting poorly qualified clicks.
  • Educate you on areas that you might not currently be aware of.
  • Improve your keyword or ad placement setup.
  • Introduce other bidding models such as cost per conversion.
  • Educate your in-house team about effective PPC strategies

Retarget lost website visitors

Retarget lost website visitors

  • Magically follow past website visitors around the web with your adverts!
  • Your ads will be seen across a network of over 2 million websites
  • Retarget people who didn’t convert into customers the first time around
£ 100 - £ 249 Monthly budget
    • 3 months minimum term
    • Up to 3 business categories
£ 250 - £ 499 Monthly budget
    • 3 months minimum term
    • Up to 5 business categories
    • Phone call tracking + recording
    • Advanced keyword research
    • Quarterly review with the PPC team
£ 500+ Monthly budget
    • 3 months minimum term
    • Unlimited business categories
    • Phone call tracking + recording
    • Optional Google Remarketing
    • Google Shopping available
    • Advanced keyword research
    • Optional Lead Page
    • Monthly review with the PPC team

Spend less. Outperform your competition.

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