AdWords Workshop

An action-packed day full of valuable AdWords insights

We offer intensive one-day training for Google AdWords. During the training, we will help you analyse your live account so that you may better optimise what you are currently doing. All training is tailored to your needs. Thus, our training will vary depending on the nature of your business, whether that be e-commerce or online lead generation.

How Can We Help Your Business?

The harsh reality is that if you are not doing AdWords correctly, you are probably sacrificing marketing share that will be absorbed by your competitors.

Time and time again, we see businesses hemorrhaging money because they are poorly optimising their AdWords campaign. Many of these businesses simply give up, concluding that ‘AdWords doesn’t work’. Our training helps you avoid these mistakes so that you will gladly invest in AdWords for many years to come.

Our AdWords training will demystify the entire process to newcomers and help intermediate users shift their skillset to the next level of proficiency.

We show you how to structure an account for optimal results. We then show you how to follow a proven checklist so that you are able to perform daily improvements to your account.

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For Both Beginners & Advanced Learners

To succeed at AdWords, it’s essential that you understand the basics. AdWords has evolved significantly over the last decade. However, the basics have remained fairly consistent over that period.

We appreciate that many business owners wish to learn enough about AdWords so that they are able to communicate effectively with their employees or third-party agencies and other advisors. If this is the case, it’s likely that you will benefit from our beginners’ training.

This intensive one-day training will ensure you fully understand the basics when it comes to AdWords.  You will be able to spot many of the tell-tail signs that could signify your campaigns are being managed poorly. 

Some of the points we touch on include:

  • How to set up campaigns correclty
  • What metrics to focus on and how to locate them in your campaign
  • How to correctly benchmark key KPIs relating to success
  • How to optimise your entire funnel, including landing pages and lead management
  • How to reduce costs whilst also increase conversions
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My name is Paul Clarke and I am the founder of AdSmiths. I’ve worked in the digital marketing area for many years now.  In this time, I’ve acquired the ability to win at the AdWords game. I’ve now condensed my knowledge and experience into a teachable and proven formula. 

This training is applicable for all types of AdWords campaigns including text ads, display ads, Google Shopping ads, mobile ads, Youtube ads and remarketing ads.

Introduction to Google AdWords Training

£ 599 Per person (group discount available)
The introductory training covers all the basics that will help you better understand AdWords. The training takes places over a one-day period. We may conduct the training at our offices. Here, we offer a bespoke training room that can accommodate up to five people. Alternatively, we may travel to your premises to carry out the training.
  • Analysing common mistakes
  • Elements of sound PPC management
  • Getting to know the AdWords UI
  • A full audit of your account
  • How to better scrutinise AdWords performance
  • How to improve landing pages & optimise for conversions
  • Understanding negative keywords & bidding options
£ 599 Per person (group discount available)

AdWords Intermediate Training

£ 699 Per person (group discount available)
The advanced training is applicable to either agencies or in-house AdWords professionals who are looking to improve upon their current skill set. The advanced training is also applicable for those of you who are looking to gain the formal Google Ads qualifications. By investing in the advanced training, we assume you understand all of the AdWords basics.
  • A full audit of your current setup
  • Implementation of AdWords scripts
  • Implementation of automatic rules
  • Advanced bidding strategies
  • 360-degree tour of the AdWords Editor
  • Using Excel to build & optimise accounts
  • Use of advanced tools such as Optimizely, Kenshoo and Marin
£ 699 Per person (group discount available)
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