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Display advertising is where digital advertising draws its closest parallels to traditional advertising. Unlike search-engine marketing, display advertising is largely a form of interruption advertising. Display advertising may be compared to billboard advertising. To succeed at display adverting, you need to target the right people by advertising on highly-relevant websites, including social media. Display networks consist of millions of websites. These networks offer complex targeting options to ensure you are not paying for poorly targeted impressions. You can also analyse whether your campaigns are resulting in conversions thanks to conversion tracking technology.
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Facebook & Twitter.

Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter offer highly targeted targeting options to really give your brand the attention it needs.

Mobile Display.

We now live in a mobile-first world, and display advertising really is no exception. We craft highly targeted mobile-first display campaigns.

Display Retargeting.

Display retargeting ads almost always have the highest ROI of all ad campaigns, period. If you aren’t using retarget, literally stop everything you are doing and make it happen!

Youtube In-Display/Steam.

YouTube In-Stream and In-Display ads are like search ads back in 2003 in terms of cost. This won’t last forever!

Double Click/Google

DoubleClick is our #1 Demand Side Platform because it gives us access to inventory on thousands of suitable websites.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

RTB sounds a lot more complicated than it is. It’s just about using algorithms to set display bids for you. It’s about time your display ads became data-driven.

Improve Your Digital ROI with Display Retargeting.

Display retargeting is vitally important in helping you grow your brand. The wow factor for retargeting had long burnt away, and customers now know the score. This means you need to be clever in running retargeting ads, and this invariably means making use of sales psychology.

Do not assume retargeting is only about making sales. You can also implement retargeting as part of your content marketing strategy by advertising your best content. Simply put, retargeting can be used to gain sales and build brand awareness.

The good news is that retarget is generally cheap for most of our clients. Retargeting must be combined with other traffic-getting techniques such as PPC, email marketing or SEO, so retargeting should be considered a complimentary traffic source.

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