The elements of an effective Google Shopping strategy

    • Budget structure that ensures high-profit items are prioritised
    • Feed optimised logically and making use of all labels and attributes
    • Data-driven campaign decisions
    • Extensive use of negative keywords to avoid wastage
    • Landing pages optimised for conversions
    • Reputation management and use of third-party review platforms
    • Making use of retargeting across several platforms
    • Making use of dynamic retargeting ads
    • A/B testing of landing pages and ad copy
    • Effective daily bid management

What include in
your Google Shopping audit?

    • Keyword optimisation audit
    • In-depth audience analysis
    • Geolocation analysis
    • Bid management audit
    • Landing page audit and checkout optimisation audit
    • Data feed audit
    • Retargeting analysis 
    • Mobile-optimisation review

Understand your compitition

Competitive analysis is a major part of modern Google Shopping ads campaigns. If you can’t track what your competitors are doing, then you can’t react to their actions in a timely manner. If your competitors are investing in Google Shopping, then their actions are likely to influence what you need to do yourself. With our free Google Shopping ads report, we provide you with an in-depth competitor analysis report that will influence your own Google Shopping ads strategy.

Why do I need to do a Google Shopping audit?

Undertaking an effective Google Shopping ad audit isn’t easy. Thankfully, we’ve developed a proprietary process that significantly simplifies this process. The good news is you can claim this for free. Why do we offer this for free? Because we want to convince you that we can implement your Google Shopping ad strategy better than you can. In other words, we use this audit to generate new business. But truth be told, many of the insight in this audit may be implemented by yourself or your team without the need to pay for our services.

Start your Google Shopping ads audit now

If you would like more information on the Google Shopping ads services that we offer or would like us to go through your personalized report with you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.