18 Most Common AdWords Mistakes that’s Killing Your ROI

Published On 06-June-2018
By Paul Clarke


In this post, I reveal the most common AdWords mistakes that could be significantly decreasing your digital ROI.

Many of these mistakes may be regarded as minor, but these minor mistakes all add up.

Some of these mistakes are frankly unforgivable if they are being committed by professional advisors.

If major mistakes have plagued your account, it may be best to start out from scratch.

A catalog of AdWords errors will cost you in terms of ad spend, lost conversions and how your prospects perceive your brand.

This article is applicable for people who are already running AdWords ads.

In writing this article, I assume you have a basic grasp of AdWords principles.

I cover the AdWords mistakes I see the most. This means a good number of people reading this article will notice at least 1-2 of these mistakes in their current setup.

I also outline proven ways to fix many of these mistakes.

If you do notice mistakes, don't worry.

My team is able to check over your account for free because we now offer a free AdWords audit.

If your current agency is committing many of the below mistakes, it may be time to consider taking your business elsewhere.

What types of mistakes we cover in this article

In this article, I group mistakes into six categories:

  1. Pre-setup mistakes
  2. Mistakes made upon setup
  3. Mistakes made with keyword targeting
  4. Mistakes made with ad creatives and targeting
  5. Ongoing maintenance mistakes
  6. Conversion rate optimisation mistakes

I address each category of mistake below.

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